Each painting is created with intention, reverence and healing energy. I go deep within myself to pull out experiences from my own life that are diamonds in the rough and I work on carving them into full fledged diamonds. This transformation process is deeply healing for me, and it is my hope that it is for you as well just by viewing my art. Some paintings take me 3 hours, some take 3 months, and some take 3 years (on and off). 

It is hard for me emotionally to let go of my originals. Each piece carries memories with it, not only of my process, but also what was happening in my house while it was being created. The coos of my youngest and the giggles of my oldest. Cherished memories are interwoven into the very fabric of each painting. There is an indescribable beauty when you intertwine both grace and sorrow, joy and pain, gratitude and wanting to bottle up every moment into your heart. 

Thank you so much for visiting my website, and for you interest in my work. I appreciate all of your support so much and I can feel it. 


Sarah 🌹