Fire in Her Veins


The fire in her veins had began to the boiling point was dialed back and she was no longer fueled by such rage.🔥The rage had served her at anger and resentment do have their place in this world.♨️ She never knew just how angry she was in her bones...truly...for years she remained small and silent for fear of a seismic shift if the volcano inside her ever did blow. 🌋 Once the anger began to pour out like lava—there was no stopping it—the fire and rage had to blaze on until they just didn’t have to any longer. Until the last little flame blew itself out. There was no controlling it.🔻There were not enough tears in the world to extinguish it.💧“And so be it” she said to herself...”just let it. all. burn.”💥She soon saw there was great value within the element of fire.💥She realized by allowing the fire to seep from her marrow...she was in fact cultivating, new fertile ground. Just as the lava tragically burns the forest down,🌳yet at the same time the volcanic ash gifts the creation of some of the richest soil on Earth. 🌎 Where new growth. can. flourish.❤️ // “Fire in Her Veins”🔥16x20” acrylic paint on canvas ❤️

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