Where Soul Meets Body


SOLD 💜...she decided to love her scars—even the ones she hated the most—they had become like grass stains on your favorite blanket that remind you of summer while in the depths of winter. It wasn’t that she wanted to at first, no...at first she wanted to photoshop them from existence. Erase. Take back. But over time, and with more silver strands appearing year after year, she began to settle into her body in a whole new way. No longer the enemy...but a safe & nourishing place that was full of magic. She realized...if she had no body—then where would she live? She decided to stop broadcasting negative “You should eat less.” or “You should work out more.” service announcements to all of her cells. Instead she started to affectionately whisper, “Thank you for all you do for me.” and “I love you.” ❤️ All of the cells of her being sang with joy at receiving these positive messages. It gave them more life so they could do their jobs with more flow and grace. Being so fulfilled, they now vibrated from an abundance frequency and not from one of scarcity. ✨“How magical...” she said to herself, as she realized just how efficiently her entire body was working 24/7 to support her. Her blood was carrying sacred life-force-energy to all of her cells, her lungs were making sure her breath was full and deep and supplying oxygen everywhere. There was always more than enough to go around, as all the blockages had blossomed like roses...allowing flow everywhere.🌹❤️Her heart was carrying inside of it cosmic codes to the universe, just waiting to be unlocked.❤️🌹Each organ unto itself was diligently operating within it’s given task...and all rang with such appreciation, vitality, & gratitude for the song that was her her life. // “Where Soul Meets Body” 16x20” acrylic & oil paint on canvas 💞

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