With Your Whole Heart


SOLD ❤️ Reality is what you perceive…if you see the universe as magical…the innate magic of the universe,🕸that is interwoven into every thread of your being,…reveals itself to you. In ways you cannot imagine. 🌙Worlds upon worlds will unfold in front of you, and you can not only heal yourself in the ways that you choose, you can also re-write your own Story.📖You can revisit and alter your perception of your own past. You can heal your Soul in ways that sound impossible.✨We are indeed the masters of our fate,…we are ALL the architects, the planners, the magicians, the moon gazers, the hunters and the artists that design our own lives.✨We become strong by facing fear with grace in each breath. We become strong by looking darkness dead in the eyes, even if terror is written behind our pupils, and despite this…with love enveloping the ever present dance of our own aura. ⚫️The interplay of dark and light…integration of duality.⚪️ So close your eyes…go inward…and hear your own howl…no matter how faint it may seem at first…and listen. with. your. whole. heart.❤️// …this painting was inspired by several wolf themes in my life, including the Blood Wolf Full Moon 🌕 this past weekend, which is when I started to paint it…sending you love.💞// “With Your Whole Heart” 24x24” acrylic paint on canvas 🐺

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