I have been painting for over 20 years and have a background in Graphic Design & Art Therapy. I am heavily influenced by the way color evokes emotions, and often ones we may not have a name for.

All of my experiences and experiments with both the creative process and art materials over the years have been an emotional outlet for me.

I am so thankful people emotionally resonate with my artwork and it feels validating for me as an artist to hear that kind of feedback...that I am translating emotion into a visual language.

I see art as such an out pouring of the heart that my eyes really often take a back seat. That is what I love about creating, is getting into the zone, and just letting color flow out.

I am a wife and mother of two in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. I grew up outside Memphis, Tennessee and I have also lived in Louisiana, Connecticut, and Chicago.

Thank you for your interest in my work and creative journey!


Sarah 🌹