I have always loved journaling and writing. Here are some of my favorite captions I have written for my Instagram page through the years. I started my art business Instagram account in 2016.


Would the leaves tell me a story? 🍃

Would the wind carry my tune to lands near and far? 🌬

Would the river sway through my bones to the very blueprints of my being?💧

Would the fire send wafts of billowing smoke into the strands of my hair? Only to grant me answers to things I had not even thought to ask yet... 🔥

Would all these things happen in the blink of an eye...with no announcement, save for a slight whisper from a fairy in my ear... 🧚🏻‍♀️

Yes. Yes. Yes.

That is the beauty of nature. The beauty of stillness. The beauty of silence. The beauty of things that have no names.

Music that has yet to be written, prose yet to be seeded and life yet to sprout from the deep roots that all of us pull from.

Written in 2020


The beauty of my paintings is that they would not be possible without the power of grief 🤍

Grief can open, expand + deepen your heart like nothing else can 🏹

Grief can break down barriers and usher in waves of a soft, sweet sorrow that make creativity deeper, richer and more dimensional 🌊 

But you have to learn to wield it ⚔️ 

Or it will sit inside your lung’s like a silent storm ⛈ 

Only for you to sense when you dare to breathe deeply enough 🫁 

This transmutation of grief into beauty is found from a continuous excavation of the Soul ✨ 

Grief taught me how to sing 🎤 

Grief taught me how to see 👁 

Grief taught me how to forgive 🤍

And grief taught me how to fully live 🧚🏼‍♀️

Written in 2021


It is in the moments of struggle that we find out just how strong we really are. Mental struggles, emotional struggles, physical struggles…wallowing in strife.

Living in fear.

Living in the past.

Waiting for something to blow up or go wrong. 


The days will continue to bleed into nights, as though who we once thought we were transforms us into an entirely new frequency. 

Turning, turning…like the leaves or like the sun when it casts shadows at dusk…only to completely disappear beneath the horizon each night.

We grow, we change, we evolve…we watch parts of our story die.

And some of those parts needed to die.

Death was the only way the more present and alive parts could go on.

In this is the great lesson.

A lesson of culling, of pruning, of a willingness to examine and face the mirrors in your life.

The mirrors we see in one another’s eyes.

Within these reflections across the interactions of our everyday lives…that the Universe, is whispering to us…showing us,… guiding us over and over to where there is more unhealed pain within the tapestry of our lives.

Mostly forgotten and buried, but still very much alive.

Broadcasting signals into the world as strong as any conscious intention.

A chess game against your own ego, that is only constantly trying to protect you from your shadows by denying them on every. single. level. 

And the beauty, the silver lining of it all...all the pain or downtrodden moments is that we get a chance every day to spiral back up again. 

Perhaps further than ever before, because of the depths we experience.

They propel us and shoot us up, like the shining stars that we are.

Sending you love. 

Written in 2019


I had to let the fire burn through me 🔥 

Consume me.

Be all I thought about, all I could pay attention to.

I gave it my all.

Everything I had.

And then some. 

🤍 And it saved me 🤍

Yes, the anger saved me. 

✨I watched her decorate the tips of my wings with gold ✨


Because the fire from anger burns through your inner defenses like nothing else 🔥

It tears through every intricately crafted facade you have set up to keep yourself safe🪞 

And after the battle…

the smoke clears…

the dust settled…

only then you can truly see what was underneath it all this whole time 🌬 

Anger will unlock your full pain 🔐 

Feeling, embracing and releasing your full pain will set you free ❤️‍🔥

Written in 2021