Always A Dreamer


SOLD 🕯There are parts of you the may feel lost to time. Maybe you cut them off…maybe they just up and left. Ghosts that wonder the long corridors of your life story. Versions of younger you. They hold memories that may have no other witnesses, no record of their existence. No evidence. But you were there. You experienced life…for better…for worse…in bliss…in tragedy. And part of you may feel unheard…unwitnessed…with no where for that experience or story to land and feel safe. To be given a voice…to have space to fully embody the emotions of that season in your life. And now it feels gone with the wind. Literally. 🌬Like a puff of smoke,…evaporated…vague…and forgotten in ways. It only exists within your mind. The nostalgia feels intoxicating as it swirls around in your stomach and gives you butterflies, goosebumps and nausea all at once when you look back. And it’s not so much about letting go—or holding on—it is about allowing all of those soul parts to feel seen and heard, so that they can release any emotions or stories that may have been suppressed or hidden. 🌗This is the deep work. This is the work that has the power to heal you in your core. In your bones. You hold such power within you, to overcome, to illuminate the beautiful shining light that you are made of ✨💗✨ No matter what your story is, or how you did or did not overcome parts of it. This healing power remains always inside you. It is yours to tap into, and it will guide you to the places that need the most love. ✨🕯✨💛
Acrylic on canvas 16x20”

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