Braving to be Pretty


SOLD “Braving to be ‘Pretty’ “ 🔴 //I was going to throw this canvas away. Sometimes I paint on top of canvases over and over and over as a therapeutic practice and not based on aesthetics. (When I say sometimes I mean alllll the time 😘) This one has been sitting in the corner my studio for a few months...I kept feeling like I saw someone behind the paint trying to make her way out into the world. I guess this is her! She emerged yesterday and although she appears silent I am picking up that she wants to be heard...try to see her with your ears and hear her with your eyes. The energy behind any piece of art is its true’s true frequency, and you don’t pick that up with your 3D senses. You read energy with your heart. It’s safe to be raw, yet be fierce, yet vulnerable, and even to be a tapestry of eclectic parts. It’s safe to display your colors out loud even when they don’t totally match.🌹❤️✨ // oil on 16x20” canvas

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