Down Shone the Sun Canvas Print



Breathing Color Artisan Archival Canvas

Images are printed with archival grade Epson Ultrachrome GSX inks. The finished print has a sating (low glass level). The superior poly/cotton blend, 2-over-1 canvas is specially engineered to create beautiful prints providing a wide color gamut, exceptional contrast with a consistent canvas texture. Due to the durable nature of the inks, prints are both scratch and smudge resistant without the need to be coated.

This canvas print is mounted over 1.5 inch thick (depth) stretcher bars and the image will wrap on the sides with a fraction of an inch around the back. These are usually hung without a frame.


Original is SOLD 🔴Down. came. the. Rain.💧There had been years past of torrential downpours…and even those times where she walked alone in it, with drenched clothes and no umbrella🌨…she secretly clung to one solid prayer in her heart. “Please heal me…please restore my Soul.” 💛She dared not speak it aloud because she didn’t want to actually believe it was possible. If she could be healed, then she would have to let go of her story,…and her story was what made her who she was. So she chose to cleave to it and wallow in it…there was no room for surrender…no room for grace to work its way in between that small pause in between her heartbeats. She wouldn’t allow it. Despite this impasse,…the one solid prayer remained,💛… it was like a tiny seed buried beneath the snow, silently waiting to emerge in the spring. Until then, she remained locked in a room of her own Soul.🌑 She didn’t feel safe enough to come out. She doesn’t know when exactly it happened…it could have been in a dream…or maybe it was when she would doing the most mundane daily task…at some point…a crack appeared within the dark room of her Soul.✨A ray of light began to stream in across the dusty floorboards. The crack became wider and wider, letting more and more light in. She had begun to curl up next to this crack at night, to read books📚…she could see much clearer with this light…and before she knew it, she could no longer see without it. She began to smile more, laugh deeper, and trust in the Universe.💫Slowly at first, but soon it began to feel safe to begin to emerge from her inner prison of the mind. From there, only more and more light poured in, as she set out to restore the years of her life that the locusts had eaten.🌅She knew the light would guide her in how to do this. A flame had been ignited inside of her heart, with grace pulsating in between her heartbeats.✨She now walked so freely with the light, you would never know the darkness that had once befallen her.🖤But she remembers the rain. She remembers the darkness, the sorrow, and the pain. But most of all, she remembers the one. solid. prayer. 💛 "Down Shone the Sun"

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