Endless Possibilities


...she began to trade in all of her dark roots for illuminated strands of possibility. She knew not when or how...or sometimes even why...but somewhere within the inner corridors of her being—she knew that she was destined for more.✨On some level somewhere, somehow...she had already slain all of her dragons and was now basking in the glow of sweet victory. All of the cells in her body carry the songs of an ancient time and of an ancient place...she remembers not words...but she remembers feelings.✨A deep knowing.✨A bone memory. The core essence of her all her experiences culminated together like an all encompassing dance.💫The illuminated strands of possibility carried her like guard rails along the path, through hallowed out darkness with no sign of hope, through the murky swamps of the heart that she waded in for years, and through the battlefield of the wars being waged in her mind. 💞But they were wars that she had won.💞Sometimes through pure defeat and sometimes through a sweet surrender that was still a win, due to the gracefulness she carried on her shoulders. 🏳️ These illuminated strands of possibility are everywhere, though invisible to the naked eye, you can search for them with your mind’s eye...and grab ahold of them during any passing moment. ✨They will. carry. you.✨// “Endless Possibilities” 18x24” acrylic & oil paint on canvas 💗

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