In the Glow of the Moon


SOLD 🔴 After the storm, she allowed herself to wade in the healing waters and bask in the glow of the moon. No longer requiring the armor that she once slept in, she reveled in the rawness of her own Soul, “What a blessing…”, she thought to herself, ”…no more battles, no more war…no more charging beyond enemy lines with pure folly written across my heart.” No more meeting with the generals of war to go over plans of attack. No more plunging ahead into darkness. No more retreating. Just. Being. It was in the arms of these healing waters where she could fall apart if she needed to, it was here she could surrender and fully allow old layers to surface. She would sit and watch the water just carry them away, as if that was it’s only role in this world.💧As if the Spirit of water had waited an eternity just to give her this gift. Iridescent prana had filled up her body, where once only blood had lived. And she was so thankful. She didn’t have to fight for or against anything any longer. She could just be. Just breathe. There was peace in her heart, and now that she had come to know peace so intimately, she knew it would only continue to seep into every area of her life.💧// “In the Glow of the Moon” 🌕16x20” acrylic & oil paint on canvas 💞

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