Living in Every Moment


It wasn’t that she was perfect, no…far from it. And it wasn’t that all the parts of her were totally beautiful, no…far from it. It was that she loved herself enough to look past all of her flaws…till she didn’t see them so much anymore. The less and less she focused on them, the more and more they seemed to fade in the distance. They didn’t so much matter like they once did. ✨She began to see herself in this new light,…because she DECIDED.✨She knew that the most powerful part of her, was her own power of decision. The more and more she looked out at other faces all over the world, she wondered what makes us all so different….she realized the one key element that makes each individual unique is their own power of decision. This power was at the core of each person...the true essence…living in every moment…and rippling throughout each day. Some people were using this power like a razor sharp sword, ⚔️cutting their lives with precision in the way that they so desired…some people used this power like the Autumn wind,🌬…and they were but leaves floating along🍂…never taking control of which way the leaves tumbled. And all variations in between.❤️It was a decision to love herself fiercely, it was a decision to fully forgive those that needed forgiveness from her, it was a decision to offer apologies to those that she owed it to, it was a decision to set out on a healing journey….and it was a decision to open her mind, her heart, and her Soul…to the world.❤️There was no going back into small mindedness or fear…there was no going back into a well of resentment and pity…there was no going back to needing approval or permission…there was only a vast ocean of potent potentiality cast out in from of her, as far as she could see.🌊// “Living in Every Moment” 16x20” acrylic & oil paint on canvas 💞

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