Priestess Gaia


SOLD 🔴 "Priestess Gaia" 18x24" The element of water has the power to break apart patterns and stagnant frequencies in your auric field…if you allow it.💧The element of Earth has the power to transmute the trauma and subsequent anxiety that you carry around in your nervous system…if you surrender to it. 🌎The element of Fire has the power to burn away all of the ghosts of your own anger and pave way for your passions to manifest…if you succumb to it.🔥The element of Wind has the power to carry your thoughts and ideas in the direction where they will find the most potency and give way for new ones to be cultivated…if you just go with it.🌬These have been the greatest lessons of my life…working with energy…and as new energy is moving through me, it is reflected in my art. As one cycle of healing has come to an end, a new one beings. Thank you Mother Nature…Mother Gaia.💧🌎🔥

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