Sarah Dalesandro

Through the dark waters of night have I trudged against;

All in all, left to utter words to my own damn defense.

Out of love—out of hate—have I risen...and then fallen;

Left only am I to hear the true clarion of my callin’.

Now as I stand up tall and brave,

do I hold firm in the wind, as the gusts of giants about me roar...

sweetly do I gaze at the dusty trails of life,

as I am no longer lost, stranded somewhere offshore.

The waves did not break me...

nor did the seas of sand sink me.

But instead, I awoke to a beautiful melody of tones,

filled with the energy of life abounding and the traces of love;

Leaving their illustrious features to rattle straight through my bones.

// I wrote this in 2011 when I was 27…I have posted it before but I haven’t really talked about why I wrote it.

I went through a rather sudden spiritual awakening during the winter of 2009.

It was both beautiful and chaotic…wonderful but terrifying…clarifying yet foggy. Everything I knew about life, about myself,  had changed almost over night.

I feared I was going crazy…losing touch with reality.

But maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing.

To walk between worlds.

Since then I have continued down my own Spiritual path…there have been highs and lows…but what prevails is a knowing of how deeply loved and supported we ALL are.

Despite our darkness and imperfections, despite not being able to forgive ourselves for things we did or things we never said.

At one time, I was so separated from my own voice, that my force of will had diminished to the level where nothing would connect, and everything appeared arbitrary, as a fog had rolled in over every single aspect of my short life.

But that was an illusion…and once I saw through the veils I could never look back.


Oil paint, Acrylic, gold leaf & iridescent medium on linen board

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