Song of the Willow Tree


🌿How to bend and not break had been a challenge in her life for many years. Shattering like glass had been her go-to. She had been broken many times, and each time, she sealed her broken parts back up with as much love as she could muster.✨But it wasn’t enough, she couldn’t seem to get to the core of the breaking…but she knew in her heart…that she didn’t want to break anymore. Ever again. She decided in her mind that there was no more space in her life for brokenness, anywhere…and that to be fully whole in the way that she wished she was…she would need to dig deep, search far and wide…gather up and then restore any pieces of herself that she had scattered to the wind.🌬With so much love and whispers of encouragement from unknown places within the long corridors of her Soul, that were once only fairytales to her, she not only found all of her lost Soul parts…but she also discovered a deep and expansive ocean of love and vitality…that not only she, but that anyone could receive nourishment and unwavering hope from.🌊This was real, deep healing….and it was causing her to become flexible against even the most intense winds.🌾Like a willow tree, she took on life…even in the face of giants…she stood tall & brave, bending with the ebbs and flows on the river of life.❣️And she never broke again.❣️But instead stood firm in the wind, and hummed a soft and ancient tune from her Soul, to ring out to all the trees that stood near her.🗝This tune that she hummed—was like a contagious vibration...and it spread amongst the forest until all the brokenness was sealed up with expansive love and vitality. 🦋🌳💙💚✨// “Song of the Willow Tree” 16x20” acrylic paint on canvas 💞

$444 ✨tax & US shipping included in price 📦 I am happy to put together a payment plan. 💕Sending you love 💕

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