Spirit of Water


SOLD 💙 "Spirit of Water" I have been feeling so connected to water this spring and have been communing with the Spirit of Water as a daily practice in the shower or bath. 🛁 I imagine myself standing before a being made entirely of water, in an altar space. I approach her with whatever I am carrying with me that day, and I say, “I release the thoughts, emotions, vibrations & frequencies from today that don’t serve me or the highest good.” 🌐Whatever they may be or however they have formed, and I just give them over to her to absorb, dissolve & transmute.💧It has been a lesson in surrendering, as that has seemed like a theme for me in 2019–perhaps because I am pregnant and when you are pregnant you just go into this space of acceptance and “Okay I accept that I have no control” 💙💧🦋 It has been a beautiful daily ritual for me and I am so grateful to be able to share it with you in this way. While I was basically sleeping next to Niagara Falls for 3 nights, I spent a lot of time doing Shamanic journeys to both the Spirit of Water and the Spirit of Niagara Falls...and it was all so clarifying and cleansing. Working with the elements 🌎💧🌬🔥 is an incredible practice in raising your awareness and self healing.