Unraveling the Beauty Within

Sarah Dalesandro

And so there was an unraveling that began to show me all the places I was hurting

And it was within the pain that I saw parts of myself I had forgotten 

Parts I had left strewn about space and time scattered to the wind like paper dolls 

These parts carried the memories, the trauma, and the denial

But they also carried the keys to depth, understanding, and even joy 

Locked rooms within multi-layered corridors

I could not access the positive qualities of these repressed past versions of myself without complete excavation of their negative qualities 

All the pain had to unfold in whatever way it wanted to

I could not judge it or tell it how to be, I could only allow, witness and love myself as much as a could 

And that’s the beauty of grief, of darkness and sorrow…these are the greatest guides along the dusty trails of life…

…and despite their sting, they are glistening in gold waiting for you to see you hold the keys to any and everything that you ever wanted to be 🤍


Oil paint, Acrylic & iridescent medium on gallery wrapped canvas

Shipping is billed separately, please email me at hello@sarahdalesandro.com for a shipping quote.

Prints available through iCanvas