The Flame Burns On


SOLD “The Flame Burns On”🔥It is the flame inside your heart that holds the power to burn through all of your pain. To ignite blazing new pathways in your veins and at the same time give death to all that is not yours. It is the flame inside your heart that holds the power to magnetize all of your love. To cultivate fertile soil made from years of ashes that once were walls. It is the fire within you that holds the power to alchemize your Soul back together. You may have been broken. A part of you may have died. More than once. But we are not our stories. We are not our labels. We don’t have to hold on. We don’t have to carry it all with us forever. We can love our shadows and integrate them with the light. We can move forward with unabashed courage, reverence, foresight, perseverance, and most of all…with a great and vast love that is within each of us…no matter how deeply buried…no matter how painfully forgotten…no matter how numb we have become….......the flame. burns. on. 🔥 // oil & gold leaf over acrylic 18x24” //

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