The Inner Garden


SOLD 🔴 With a slight turn of her head, she turned inward. She closed her eyes. Not to shut the world out, but instead—to go inward—to her inner world. It was there she found the garden.🌼🌸🌹Some flowers were blossoming, and some flowers were dying. Some areas were so full of life, while others had been grossly neglected and needed to be rescued quickly. There were patches of lush growth equal to patches of forgotten barrenness. An entire world of cycles,…of life…of death…and all the mystical stages in between.🍃 She suddenly realized this wasn’t just any garden…it was HER garden…of her own creation…and it was her job to tend to it. To nourish it…to cultivate it…to let the sun shine down on it…and allow the rain to bring in cosmic life-force-energy to it.🌌To stand in the center of the garden, arms out stretched, and allow the trees to get to know who she really is.🌳She looked down at her hands, and in a flash⚡️saw so much power in her own two palms…”Has this been there all along? Why did I not see this before?” 🤚✋And she knew. She couldn’t see her own power while she was waiting on someone else’s.✨To heal this garden was no one else’s task but her own…for you see, no one else was allowed in her garden…ever…so how could anyone ever help her tend to it? They couldn’t…it was impossible. The power was all hers…it was right there in her grasp…a few tears rolled down her cheeks…and looking upward with a deep sigh she saw so ever clearly...that it always. had. been. 💫 “The Inner Garden” // 16x20” acrylic & oil on canvas 💗

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