"The One Who Ran With the Wolves"


SOLD 🔴 She walked along the communal trail, that is the path of this life…a caravan of families, individuals and the overall collective consciousness all traveled together. The sun rose, the sun set…the moon cast down her love night after night…the Earth kept spinning…and all the inhabitants on this path kept on walking. They were mostly content to not question the existence of the path. They knew not where they were headed, but they knew they had to keep moving forward….the keepers of time made sure of this, as the path seemed to disappear behind them as they walked. They could not go back, so onward they went. One day, she discovered a loophole in the path,…a way to go backwards. She quietly left her community in the middle of the night…she truly felt as though she had discovered the best kept secret. But what now lay before her, was anything but wonderful. The further she traveled back in time, the more lost she became. She encountered ghost after ghost of her own past, and though she danced with all of them…they frightened her…they were not how she remembered them to be. She spent a lot of time alone, living in the hallows and the trees…she slept during the day and was awake at night, somehow things had become inverted in this new world she had created for herself. She became homesick, but she didn’t like the structure of the communal caravan. She had befriended the wolves and they kept her company, but what she longed for most of all was to ascend beyond the keepers of time. So she began running. She knew that if she ran fast and hard enough, that she could catch up to her people. She ran and ran and ran…away from the ghosts, away from the memories that haunted her. She caught up with her tribe and they embraced her…but so much had changed…she couldn’t integrate back in and find her place. She had changed in an permanent way. She ran up ahead of the group, upon a cliff…she could see far and wide…she could see that time was not the enemy, but instead that it was on her side. She remained traveling with the group, but from then on she was forever known as “The One Who Ran with the Wolves.” 🐺 .

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