✨Serenity ✨

Sarah Dalesandro


Finding a place of retreat inside your heart can be quite the journey inward 🤍

I started developing my intuition, visualization and meditation abilities in the 2010’s and I would often retreat inwardly in my imagination to the horse pasture behind my grandparents’ house in Tennessee 🤍

In my meditations, I would walk out back on a path of stepping stones and meet with horses by a tree as the sun was rising to connect deeper within myself 🤍

I would feel the soles of my feet as they touched each grey slate stone along the little pathway, and place my fingertips gently in the reeds along the fence 🤍

I would stand proudly by the tree, placing my hand on it, asking for wisdom, for hope, for healing…for better understanding of my next step 🤍

And I always received answers there 🤍

Inside the wild nature in my own heart, in my own mind, in my own Inner World 🤍


Sarah 🌹



Oil paint, Acrylic & iridescent medium on linen board


International Shipping is billed separately, please email me at hello@sarahdalesandro.com for a shipping quote.