❤️ In Loving Memory of Tory Beth Arner 1982 -2020 🌹

My client Tory was murdered in the summer of 2020 💔

This was her original painting 💐 “Always A Dreamer” 🌌 that she purchased from me for her birthday in the summer of 2019  💖

She was brutally murdered by a man she met on social media 💔

Her parents reached out to me in August 2022, because they saw my signature on her painting 🤍

After they told me what happened to her…that same week, is when I came forward with my own story, through my art, of being a survivor of Intimate Partner Violence and it’s because of Tory 🌹


Her family is still awaiting her trial in Broward County Florida and any level of awareness or support is greatly appreciated 💛

✨The proceeds from prints + journals of her painting will go to No More Tears USA as her family’s chosen charity in her memory 🧚🏽‍♀️

It was Tory’s request if she ever died before her parents that any donations go to abused women, human trafficking survivors, and the animal shelter ♥️

No More Tears provides a variety of services for people escaping abuse ♥️


✨Tory was a beautiful Soul & a gifted intuitive healer 💛

🌌 She was “one with the Universe” her father says, "loved mermaids" her mother says 🧜🏽‍♀️


🌅 "If you remember anything of me, after I leave this world, remember that I loved even when it was foolish.

That I cared even when it was unwanted.

When my body is gone remember my heart.

Love Fiercely.

Because this all ends."

~Tory Beth Arner 🌊

To Tory’s family, our hearts cry with you 💐


Sarah 🌹


💐“With every woman is a reminder...”💘
“That kindness creates beauty.

That empathy creates peace.

In the power of her heart and love...
all can be transformed.

For the further the depth,
 the greater the ascent.

The womb of her being reminds that,
 coming into the darkness brings space for creation.

Let the feminine in your being be a reminder,
that balance is not always by exact reflections,
but rather in the harmonious existence with nature.

The intuitive gifts she holds are available to those she welcomes.

A reminder that in patience and care, more time is created.
 In her spiraling openness, 
she stands for connection to herself, the higher powers, nature, and all of life.

With compassion for every aspect of being,
she allows feelings to flow, bending with the changes brought through time.

She allows forgiveness and is a reminder of the spark of divinity in all.

A sensual, prismatic, enigmatic presence.

The woman that stands for unity, community, and integrity.

She calls forth the miracles in the moment and the heroic within.

As the woman stands for empowerment through gentleness, 
a reminder of sisterhood and the value of connection.

She heals herself and others.
She's real....
As she breathes into the embodiment of her potential.

Feeling into and facing every fear.

Seeing it as a reminder of the power in choosing love. 

A queen, a lover, a goddess, a wife, a sister, a teacher, a witch, a saint, the artist, the grandma, the butterfly...emerging all labels, to just be.”
-by Christina Rendon 🦋 @christinarendon_


 Always A Dreamer Tory Beth Arner Memorial Charity Print

Canvas Prints available through iCanvas here 🌹

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