When I first started my healing journey at the end of 2009, I was very drawn to any kind of uplifting or activating positive quotes.

This love eventually lead me to discover the writings of Rumi of Persia who lived 1207 to 1273. His writing is from deep within the heart and very healing, you can check some of his work out here.

I named all of the pieces in this collection after Rumi quotes because his words are like a candle in the darkness. They can light the path for you to find your way out of any dark forest you find yourself in. They contain activating codes.

I named this collection The Fierce Grace + Raw Wisdom Collection because that has been the energy of my own personal healing journey. Rogue and unapologetic, I forged my own path, in my own way, with my own tools and in my own time in both my Art world and personal life. If you would like to learn more about my healing tools or book a healing session with me click here.

These paintings show the energy and power of the Body/Heart (emotions) combined with the radiating frequencies of the Mind (thoughts). All were created with the frequencies of love, gratitude, confidence, freedom, forgiveness and wisdom.

The Fierce Grace + Raw Wisdom Collection
Oil paint, silver leaf, and silver pen on 9x12" linen board
Requires framing (I suggest a 2" matte boarder with a silver frame from your local framer)

Sarah 🌹